More than ninety percent of scientist are agreeing on the fact that people are the greatest threat to the climate change. The fuels that we are burning up into the air every day is causing very serious changes in the atmosphere. Those changes can be seen in the temperature changes and some extreme weather changes. The climate change is our main threat to our planet and the life on it.

renewable energy

As mentioned before we, people are the main cause of the climate change. We are not talking just about the large factories that are burning poisonous gas and realizing it into the air, but about all the smaller things too such as car gasses. These days everyone has a car, and in ninety percent of the time, the cars are not nature-friendly. Usually, all of them are releasing harmful gasses into the air. Some people are even afraid that we have passed the point of returning, that we have made some permanent damage to the atmosphere. Here are some of the renewable sources of energy that we should put more money into.

Solar Energy

The solar energy is harvested quite easily, we only need solar panels installed on rooftops. Solar panels can harvest the energy from the sun and turn it into heat energy that can be used to heat up water.

Also, they can turn the energy from the sun into electricity that can power homes.

Wind Energy

This is also a very good method of producing power and energy using just nature. More precisely using the power of the wind. Air is constantly moving around the surface of the earth.

Wind Energy

So why wouldn’t we use that and turned into real usable energy. There are special turbines that are designed to pick up the energy from the wind and convert it into usable energy.

Hydro Energy

This energy is gathered from the power of the water flow. The water that is flowing is diverted into turbines that are rotating and making electricity by a generator. These hydropower systems are nowadays used on big dams that hold a large amount of water.


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