We are a Regenerative Leadership Institute that has many different goals. One of the main goals and ideas that our institute has is to teach and educate people about the significance of permaculture. We think that everyone should know what is permaculture and why it is so important for our society. Unfortunately, not many people are into nature and ecology, however, we are doing our best to attract and educate as many people as we can. It is never too late to start learning something new about the permaculture.

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The permaculture is something that is constantly developing and expanding, therefore we have to stay updated with things that are happening around us.We were founded in 2002, that means that we have more than 15 years of experience working with people and teaching them.

Expand your knowledge

About permaculture and nature in general. If you take this permaculture design course, you will be learning a lot of new and interesting things about permaculture. With the knowledge you get here, you will be able to change your lifestyle.

Make new friends

That have the same or similar interest as you. The permaculture design courses are usually done with a group of people.

Therefore, you can meet new people that are here for the same reason as you.

Get permaculture certificate

When you finish the permaculture design course. After you finish the design course, you will receive a certificate that will serve you as a proof that you have completed the permaculture design course.

New opportunities

Will show up for you after you have gotten you permaculture design certificate. This certificate will open up new doors for you and your future. It will be only for you if you want to chase this dream.

Working with great teachers

Is one of the greatest things that you will experience during this course. They are really friendly and professional at the same time. All of them have their own permaculture certificate, some of them even have some additional training.

Have a great time

sabines-place-permaculture-127After all, that is the whole point of this. Otherwise, if people wouldn’t have a great time doing this course, they would probably not do it. During the course, you will visit some beautiful places and meet beautiful people that you will have fun with.

1. Step – Permaculture

Permaculture is something that unfortunately not many people understand. It is a lifestyle and much more. In order to understand if fully, you have to be properly educated. That’s why we are offering this permaculture design course to everyone that is interested in nature. Permaculture is a very wide concept that is very important for our society and for our planet.

2. Step – Solar Energy

Solar Energy is not a new and uncommon thing nowadays, that is because people started to realize how important and beneficial it is to use solar energy. To harness solar energy, you need to install solar panels that can be expensive first, but in a long time, it is very beneficial and after only 2-3 years you will get back your money.

3. Step – Wind Energy

Harnessing Wind energy is also a very important thing, especially because it is very easy to do, all we need is wind and we can generate energy that can be used to power up various things. Luckily, people are building more and more of these winds harnessing turbines that generate power. We should save as much energy as we can, and use the wind is a great thing.

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