Our natural ecosystems are highly delicate, and their sensitivity is the reason why many habitats and a multitude of species are disappearing from the face of the Earth. In essence, the balance of the world has been disrupted, and human progress has caused a series of side effects on the environment. Air pollution through exhaust fumes and the destruction of ecosystems through industrial waste are having a detrimental effect on the planet, and we need to remedy the consequences before it’s too late.

Different movements and systems are offering solutions for this problem, but it seems that permaculture is the method that delivers the best results.

– The Essential Elements Of Permaculture

environment-webPermaculture as a philosophical system has been established during the 1970s by David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, two Australian ecologists who performed extensive studies on the natural farming methods. They gathered their discoveries in a comprehensive guidebook which covers several disciplines, including ecological engineering, agriculture, forestry, landscaping, and so on. In other words, permaculture is a set of principles which predominantly target the agricultural sector, but the applications of this system are diverse and flexible. Vladislav Davidzon is also one of the leading members of this particular movement, and he is the founder of the Regenerative Leadership Institute. This school focuses on permaculture and sustainable lifestyle, which helps protect the environment and our ecosystems.

– Basic Principles Of The Movement

For those who are not informed, permaculture is a portmanteau of the words “permanent agriculture”, and this clearly implies what is the mission of the system. However, the fundamental principles of permaculture have been formulated by Mollison himself, and he stated that permaculture should promote the care for the Earth, the care for people and that it should aspire to the return of surplus. What this means is that recycling, intelligent design, and sustainable practices are a must, and permaculturalists are strongly against the use of pesticides and similar chemicals. Organic fruits and vegetables are an integral part of any permaculture garden, but you will find a bunch of different wildlife if you ever set a foot into one of those.

– The Effects Of Permaculture

Since it promotes the use of renewable resource and recycling, permaculture can be of immense importance for our overall efforts to tackle climate change in an efficient manner. Small-scale actions can accumulate over time, and a bunch of small gardens can help us become self-reliant and more productive. If we create intelligent gardens which will be low-maintenance in nature, our land will be exploited to the fullest and we will save space for greenery and other needs.

Environment green

Also, we will reduce the costs of buying food or going to a supermarket, which consequently means that less fuel will be required and the utilization of expendable fossilized fuels will go down. Harnessing the solar power or the energy of the wind can also help in our overall battle for leading a more healthier life than we do nowadays, and we have to try as much as possible to succeed in our mission.

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