As we all know, all sorts of organizations and associations are trying to promote a sustainable style of living, and they have different methods for achieving their goals. Of course, not all of them are equally successful, but the battle for the preservation of the environment is a long-term process, and any effort is beneficial. We all need to contribute as much as possible to the struggle of protecting the ecosystems which surround us, and it is imperative that we never give up on our mission. One of the movements which can significantly help with the process is permaculture, and Regenerative Leadership Institute is one of the most popular schools that promote this particular system.

– What Is Permaculture?

In essence, permaculture is a set of practical guidelines which focus on agricultural aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. What this means is that permaculturalists put priority on mimicking the patterns which can be found in nature and then they apply those patterns to our man-made gardens and structures.


Self-reliant forests or low-maintenance garden areas are notable examples of pragmatic aspects of permaculture, but this system also contains an elaborate set of philosophical teachings and strategies. The system itself was officially established during the 1970s, and David Holmgren and Bill Mollison are the founding fathers of this highly interesting and exciting movement.

– What Is Regenerative Leadership Institute?

When it comes to Regenerative Leadership Institute in particular, this school was founded by Vladislav Davidzon, a well-known entrepreneur and an environmentalist.

His idea was visionary and bold, but it seems to be working well so far – to establish an institution which would provide people with an opportunity to learn more about urban permaculture. The focus of his seminars and courses lies on green architecture and contemporary problems in gardening and plant cultivation, which means that permaculturalists from all over the world can acquire a lot of useful information at his Institute.

– The Benefits Of Using Permaculture

Since our everyday lives are hectic and full of obligations, we often do not have a lot of time for gardening and similar practices. However, growing organic fruits and vegetables in your backyard or on your balcony is easier than it seems, and permaculture can facilitate the process. In other words, you can quickly learn how to apply the principles of ecological farming or landscaping, and then incorporate them into your piece of land.


By using recycling techniques and no pesticides, your plants and cultures will thrive in a self-sufficient ecosystem, and this is the end goal of the permaculture as an idea. Less pollution and harmful chemicals means that our nearby environment will be healthier and safer, adding to the overall battle for the preservation of the planet. Sustainable gardens can also curb our consumption of fossilized fuels since we will have everything we need available at the reach of our hand, and fruits and vegetables will taste better than ever. Growing them on your own will be a life-changing decision, and you will not regret applying permaculture into your life style.

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