The desire to make this world a better place should be engraved in all of us, but it seems that some people lack the basic empathy for the well-being of our future generations. The destruction of the environment is a global problem, but a lot of individuals are just turning a blind eye on the situation in the field of ecology. They pretend not to see the symptoms of climate change, the rising levels of air pollution, gigantic quantities of industrial waste, and so on. However, there are exceptions, and the guys at the Regenerative Leadership Institute are standing on the front line and promoting a healthy and sustainable style of life.

– Basic Facts About Regenerative Leadership Institute

Vladislav Davidzon, a well-known environmentalist and a highly successful entrepreneur is the founding father of the Regenerative Leadership Institute. Based on his ideas and principles, this school managed to attract a large number of visitors, and the numbers are constantly on the rise.

People are coming from all over the globe to attend the courses and seminars at the Institute, and you will certainly receive a life-changing experience if you decide to join the project as well. Regenerative Leadership Institute promotes a healthy lifestyle, which means that principles of permaculture are the fundamental concepts which govern the proceedings at this institution.

– What Is Permaculture?

In case you are not familiar with the term, the world permaculture signifies a way of living which focuses on intelligent and efficient agriculture and overall culture. The term was coined by the founder of the movement, Bill Mollison, and he was the one who created a sophisticated system of philosophical teachings which can be easily applied to our everyday actions. His ideas and techniques have quickly spread around the globe, and Vladislav Davidzon was one of his students.

In the modern society, permaculture continues to evolve and expand its reach, and this means that contemporary permaculture often focuses on urban areas and the so-called green architecture.

– How To Apply Permaculture Principles?

Since permaculture is not just a set of theoretical elements, it is relatively easy to apply this system to many areas of human existence in a practical and straightforward manner. In other words, you can quickly exploit the full potential of permaculture strategies if you listen to one of the courses at the Regenerative Leadership Institute, and these seminars can unlock your full potential for preserving the environment and protecting the world around us. Several disciplines are incorporated into the permaculture framework, including forestry, agriculture, economics, and ecology, which means that this set of guidelines has a universal character.


Practical applications of permaculture are predominantly focused at the use of renewable resources, intelligent design of gardens, construction of food forests, vertical gardens, and so on. Urban permaculture is a sub-category which aims at offering different ways of how we can increase the amount of “greenery” in our cities and densely populated areas, and some of its essential practices are providing various ideas of how to establish rooftop gardens and similar structures.

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