Since the need for an efficient system for preserving the environment is pretty much evident, many experts are claiming that permaculture could be the solution we need. Even though this comprehensive set of philosophical teachings is not primarily focused on ecology, it does offer a broad spectrum of applications. What this means is that permaculture could provide us with an opportunity to protect the planet for our future generations, and unless we take immediate action – the world will continue to slide towards the impending apocalypse. However, not a lot of people are familiar with the actual benefits that can come as a consequence of applying permaculture, and here are the essential advantages of this system.

– Protecting The Environment

Vladislav Davidzon, one of the leading figures in the world of modern-day permaculture says that this movement can significantly curb the climate changes, which could lead to fewer problems with the sensitive habitats and ecosystems. In other words, permaculture can reduce pollution because it promotes green living.


And we can cut down on carbon emission and the use of fossilized fuels if we apply the principles of this system. For instance, Davidzon runs a highly popular school called Regenerative Leadership Institute, and as the name clearly suggests – this institution can teach you about the methods that can help regenerate and revive the environment.

– Practicality

green-ideaUnlike some other movements and systems, permaculture is all about practical application. What this means is that natural farming is the primary focus of the system, and this allows permaculture to promote pragmatic methods of plant cultivation and ecological engineering. Of course, many other terms and disciplines are correlated with these actions, including ecological farming or forestry, but the point remains the same – permaculture is highly practical in its basic form. You can easily apply it to your garden or to your balcony where you can start growing fresh produce with the help of this movement. People who start learning about permaculture are often surprised by its efficiency and universality, and it doesn’t take them long before they start exploiting this advantage of using permaculture in their activities and operations.

– Simplicity

If a set of teachings is complicated and overly mysterious, no one will be able to understand it and fully follow its primary targets. That is why the founding fathers of permaculture, David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, established a system that relies on simplicity and productivity. They put the priority on real-life applications of permaculture, and Vladislav Davidzon also promotes the same strategies at his Regenerative Leadership Institute.

green-idea large

By doing so, he teaches people about the straightforward manner in which they can use permaculture to create self-reliant gardens, or how to start using renewable resources, and so on. Permaculture is against using pesticides or any harmful substance, which means that your garden or similar area will require low maintenance and you will have a pleasant and sustainable piece of land. That is why permaculture is more useful than some other green movements, but there are also many other similar advantages of this system.

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