The Power of Permaculture

We are a Regenerative Leadership Institute that has many different goals. One of the main goals and ideas that our institute has is to teach and educate people about the significance of permaculture.

What Is Regenerative Leadership Institute, Permaculture And Nature In General

What Is Regenerative Leadership Institute, Permaculture And Nature In General

We are a Regenerative Leadership Institute that has many different goals. One of the main goals and ideas that our institute has is to teach and educate people about the significance of permaculture. We think that everyone should know what is permaculture and why it is so important for our society. Unfortunately, not many people are into nature and ecology, however, we are doing our best to attract and educate as many people as we can. It is never too late to start learning something new about the permaculture.

Institute guy

The permaculture is something that is constantly developing and expanding, therefore we have to stay updated with things that are happening around us.We were founded in 2002, that means that we have more than 15 years of experience working with people and teaching them.

Expand your knowledge

About permaculture and nature in general. If you take this permaculture design course, you will be learning a lot of new and interesting things about permaculture. With the knowledge you get here, you will be able to change your lifestyle.

Make new friends

That have the same or similar interest as you. The permaculture design courses are usually done with a group of people.

Therefore, you can meet new people that are here for the same reason as you.

Get permaculture certificate

When you finish the permaculture design course. After you finish the design course, you will receive a certificate that will serve you as a proof that you have completed the permaculture design course.

New opportunities

Will show up for you after you have gotten you permaculture design certificate. This certificate will open up new doors for you and your future. It will be only for you if you want to chase this dream.

Working with great teachers

Is one of the greatest things that you will experience during this course. They are really friendly and professional at the same time. All of them have their own permaculture certificate, some of them even have some additional training.

Have a great time

sabines-place-permaculture-127After all, that is the whole point of this. Otherwise, if people wouldn’t have a great time doing this course, they would probably not do it. During the course, you will visit some beautiful places and meet beautiful people that you will have fun with.

1. Step – Permaculture

Permaculture is something that unfortunately not many people understand. It is a lifestyle and much more. In order to understand if fully, you have to be properly educated. That’s why we are offering this permaculture design course to everyone that is interested in nature. Permaculture is a very wide concept that is very important for our society and for our planet.

2. Step – Solar Energy

Solar Energy is not a new and uncommon thing nowadays, that is because people started to realize how important and beneficial it is to use solar energy. To harness solar energy, you need to install solar panels that can be expensive first, but in a long time, it is very beneficial and after only 2-3 years you will get back your money.

3. Step – Wind Energy

Harnessing Wind energy is also a very important thing, especially because it is very easy to do, all we need is wind and we can generate energy that can be used to power up various things. Luckily, people are building more and more of these winds harnessing turbines that generate power. We should save as much energy as we can, and use the wind is a great thing.

How Permaculture Affects The Environment

How Permaculture Affects The Environment

Our natural ecosystems are highly delicate, and their sensitivity is the reason why many habitats and a multitude of species are disappearing from the face of the Earth. In essence, the balance of the world has been disrupted, and human progress has caused a series of side effects on the environment. Air pollution through exhaust fumes and the destruction of ecosystems through industrial waste are having a detrimental effect on the planet, and we need to remedy the consequences before it’s too late.

Different movements and systems are offering solutions for this problem, but it seems that permaculture is the method that delivers the best results.

– The Essential Elements Of Permaculture

environment-webPermaculture as a philosophical system has been established during the 1970s by David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, two Australian ecologists who performed extensive studies on the natural farming methods. They gathered their discoveries in a comprehensive guidebook which covers several disciplines, including ecological engineering, agriculture, forestry, landscaping, and so on. In other words, permaculture is a set of principles which predominantly target the agricultural sector, but the applications of this system are diverse and flexible. Vladislav Davidzon is also one of the leading members of this particular movement, and he is the founder of the Regenerative Leadership Institute. This school focuses on permaculture and sustainable lifestyle, which helps protect the environment and our ecosystems.

– Basic Principles Of The Movement

For those who are not informed, permaculture is a portmanteau of the words “permanent agriculture”, and this clearly implies what is the mission of the system. However, the fundamental principles of permaculture have been formulated by Mollison himself, and he stated that permaculture should promote the care for the Earth, the care for people and that it should aspire to the return of surplus. What this means is that recycling, intelligent design, and sustainable practices are a must, and permaculturalists are strongly against the use of pesticides and similar chemicals. Organic fruits and vegetables are an integral part of any permaculture garden, but you will find a bunch of different wildlife if you ever set a foot into one of those.

– The Effects Of Permaculture

Since it promotes the use of renewable resource and recycling, permaculture can be of immense importance for our overall efforts to tackle climate change in an efficient manner. Small-scale actions can accumulate over time, and a bunch of small gardens can help us become self-reliant and more productive. If we create intelligent gardens which will be low-maintenance in nature, our land will be exploited to the fullest and we will save space for greenery and other needs.

Environment green

Also, we will reduce the costs of buying food or going to a supermarket, which consequently means that less fuel will be required and the utilization of expendable fossilized fuels will go down. Harnessing the solar power or the energy of the wind can also help in our overall battle for leading a more healthier life than we do nowadays, and we have to try as much as possible to succeed in our mission.

An In-Depth Guide On Regenerative Leadership Institute

An In-Depth Guide On Regenerative Leadership Institute

The desire to make this world a better place should be engraved in all of us, but it seems that some people lack the basic empathy for the well-being of our future generations. The destruction of the environment is a global problem, but a lot of individuals are just turning a blind eye on the situation in the field of ecology. They pretend not to see the symptoms of climate change, the rising levels of air pollution, gigantic quantities of industrial waste, and so on. However, there are exceptions, and the guys at the Regenerative Leadership Institute are standing on the front line and promoting a healthy and sustainable style of life.

– Basic Facts About Regenerative Leadership Institute

Vladislav Davidzon, a well-known environmentalist and a highly successful entrepreneur is the founding father of the Regenerative Leadership Institute. Based on his ideas and principles, this school managed to attract a large number of visitors, and the numbers are constantly on the rise.

People are coming from all over the globe to attend the courses and seminars at the Institute, and you will certainly receive a life-changing experience if you decide to join the project as well. Regenerative Leadership Institute promotes a healthy lifestyle, which means that principles of permaculture are the fundamental concepts which govern the proceedings at this institution.

– What Is Permaculture?

In case you are not familiar with the term, the world permaculture signifies a way of living which focuses on intelligent and efficient agriculture and overall culture. The term was coined by the founder of the movement, Bill Mollison, and he was the one who created a sophisticated system of philosophical teachings which can be easily applied to our everyday actions. His ideas and techniques have quickly spread around the globe, and Vladislav Davidzon was one of his students.

In the modern society, permaculture continues to evolve and expand its reach, and this means that contemporary permaculture often focuses on urban areas and the so-called green architecture.

– How To Apply Permaculture Principles?

Since permaculture is not just a set of theoretical elements, it is relatively easy to apply this system to many areas of human existence in a practical and straightforward manner. In other words, you can quickly exploit the full potential of permaculture strategies if you listen to one of the courses at the Regenerative Leadership Institute, and these seminars can unlock your full potential for preserving the environment and protecting the world around us. Several disciplines are incorporated into the permaculture framework, including forestry, agriculture, economics, and ecology, which means that this set of guidelines has a universal character.


Practical applications of permaculture are predominantly focused at the use of renewable resources, intelligent design of gardens, construction of food forests, vertical gardens, and so on. Urban permaculture is a sub-category which aims at offering different ways of how we can increase the amount of “greenery” in our cities and densely populated areas, and some of its essential practices are providing various ideas of how to establish rooftop gardens and similar structures.

Untouched Places On The Earth

Untouched Places On The Earth

With so many people living on this planet, you would think that there are no places on earth that don’t have any signs of humans. However, interestingly enough, there can be found some places that are barely visited by people. Those places are very different from what you are used to seeing. There are no visible signs of human existence in these places that we will list below. If you are interested to see where are those places, then continue reading.


Namibia is an African country that is not very populated.  This place is the home of the largest populations of cheetahs approximately somewhere around 2.500 of them which doesn’t sound like too much, but in reality, it is one-quarter of the entire cheetah population on the earth. This is for sure the most untouched place in Africa.


The islands of Galapagos are one of the islands that are left untouched by humans. The islands are home to a lot of different animal species such as iguanas, penguins, tortoises and whales. On the islands of the Galapagos, the population of humans is less than 23.000. That might sound like a lot, but compared to space, this is a very small number, that’s why you can’t see the human traces.

Papua New Guinea

This is one of the most rural places on the earth that are barely been explored.

The scientist said that they believe that the forests and jungles of the Papua New Guinea are the home to some yet undiscovered animal and plant species.


More than 50 percent of the island is preserved and kept under conservation by the nation. Barely any people have even explored this place, yet alone live there. Because of such low population of people, the island is extremally preserved and have some of the most beautiful beaches.


Also, this island is a home to a rare type of parrots the black parrot. We couldn’t leave this place out of this list because it is truly one of the most untouched and unexplored places on the earth. Seychelles, unlike the other places, is a continent. That is why it is so interesting.


3 Essential Advantages Of Permaculture

3 Essential Advantages Of Permaculture

Since the need for an efficient system for preserving the environment is pretty much evident, many experts are claiming that permaculture could be the solution we need. Even though this comprehensive set of philosophical teachings is not primarily focused on ecology, it does offer a broad spectrum of applications. What this means is that permaculture could provide us with an opportunity to protect the planet for our future generations, and unless we take immediate action – the world will continue to slide towards the impending apocalypse. However, not a lot of people are familiar with the actual benefits that can come as a consequence of applying permaculture, and here are the essential advantages of this system.

– Protecting The Environment

Vladislav Davidzon, one of the leading figures in the world of modern-day permaculture says that this movement can significantly curb the climate changes, which could lead to fewer problems with the sensitive habitats and ecosystems. In other words, permaculture can reduce pollution because it promotes green living.


And we can cut down on carbon emission and the use of fossilized fuels if we apply the principles of this system. For instance, Davidzon runs a highly popular school called Regenerative Leadership Institute, and as the name clearly suggests – this institution can teach you about the methods that can help regenerate and revive the environment.

– Practicality

green-ideaUnlike some other movements and systems, permaculture is all about practical application. What this means is that natural farming is the primary focus of the system, and this allows permaculture to promote pragmatic methods of plant cultivation and ecological engineering. Of course, many other terms and disciplines are correlated with these actions, including ecological farming or forestry, but the point remains the same – permaculture is highly practical in its basic form. You can easily apply it to your garden or to your balcony where you can start growing fresh produce with the help of this movement. People who start learning about permaculture are often surprised by its efficiency and universality, and it doesn’t take them long before they start exploiting this advantage of using permaculture in their activities and operations.

– Simplicity

If a set of teachings is complicated and overly mysterious, no one will be able to understand it and fully follow its primary targets. That is why the founding fathers of permaculture, David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, established a system that relies on simplicity and productivity. They put the priority on real-life applications of permaculture, and Vladislav Davidzon also promotes the same strategies at his Regenerative Leadership Institute.

green-idea large

By doing so, he teaches people about the straightforward manner in which they can use permaculture to create self-reliant gardens, or how to start using renewable resources, and so on. Permaculture is against using pesticides or any harmful substance, which means that your garden or similar area will require low maintenance and you will have a pleasant and sustainable piece of land. That is why permaculture is more useful than some other green movements, but there are also many other similar advantages of this system.

Discover The Secrets Of Permaculture Movement

Discover The Secrets Of Permaculture Movement

As we all know, all sorts of organizations and associations are trying to promote a sustainable style of living, and they have different methods for achieving their goals. Of course, not all of them are equally successful, but the battle for the preservation of the environment is a long-term process, and any effort is beneficial. We all need to contribute as much as possible to the struggle of protecting the ecosystems which surround us, and it is imperative that we never give up on our mission. One of the movements which can significantly help with the process is permaculture, and Regenerative Leadership Institute is one of the most popular schools that promote this particular system.

– What Is Permaculture?

In essence, permaculture is a set of practical guidelines which focus on agricultural aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. What this means is that permaculturalists put priority on mimicking the patterns which can be found in nature and then they apply those patterns to our man-made gardens and structures.


Self-reliant forests or low-maintenance garden areas are notable examples of pragmatic aspects of permaculture, but this system also contains an elaborate set of philosophical teachings and strategies. The system itself was officially established during the 1970s, and David Holmgren and Bill Mollison are the founding fathers of this highly interesting and exciting movement.

– What Is Regenerative Leadership Institute?

When it comes to Regenerative Leadership Institute in particular, this school was founded by Vladislav Davidzon, a well-known entrepreneur and an environmentalist.

His idea was visionary and bold, but it seems to be working well so far – to establish an institution which would provide people with an opportunity to learn more about urban permaculture. The focus of his seminars and courses lies on green architecture and contemporary problems in gardening and plant cultivation, which means that permaculturalists from all over the world can acquire a lot of useful information at his Institute.

– The Benefits Of Using Permaculture

Since our everyday lives are hectic and full of obligations, we often do not have a lot of time for gardening and similar practices. However, growing organic fruits and vegetables in your backyard or on your balcony is easier than it seems, and permaculture can facilitate the process. In other words, you can quickly learn how to apply the principles of ecological farming or landscaping, and then incorporate them into your piece of land.


By using recycling techniques and no pesticides, your plants and cultures will thrive in a self-sufficient ecosystem, and this is the end goal of the permaculture as an idea. Less pollution and harmful chemicals means that our nearby environment will be healthier and safer, adding to the overall battle for the preservation of the planet. Sustainable gardens can also curb our consumption of fossilized fuels since we will have everything we need available at the reach of our hand, and fruits and vegetables will taste better than ever. Growing them on your own will be a life-changing decision, and you will not regret applying permaculture into your life style.

The Truth About Regenerative Leadership Institute

The Truth About Regenerative Leadership Institute

The preservation of our environment depends on a lot of factors, but one of the most important elements comes in the form of the actual human effort. What this means is that we have to make concrete moves and undertake certain actions which would hopefully create a better life for future generations. Of course, some people are willing to help but they do not know how to do it, and permaculture can serve as the ideal solution for guiding those individuals down the right path.

– What Exactly Is Regenerative Leadership Institute?

For those of you who are not informed, Regenerative Leadership Institute is a highly popular school which promotes a sustainable lifestyle, which means that this particular institution has permaculture for its basis. Vladislav Davidzon is the founding father of the Institute, and he is a well-known entrepreneur and a recognized environmentalist.


He believes that permaculture teachings are the best philosophical framework for the protection of our planet, and that is why students at his school can learn a lot about the efficient agriculture methods and the use of renewable resources.

– Why Is Permaculture So Important?

It is not a coincidence that Davidzon selected permaculture as the focus of his Regenerative Leadership Institute. As a matter of fact, he was a student of some of the most famous permaculture experts, including Bill Mollison, who was the founding father of the movement. That is why Davidzon’s profound knowledge and understanding provided him with an opportunity to share some of his experiences.


Also, Vladislav Davidzon is fully aware that permaculture is tremendously important in the modern society since it allows us to learn about different techniques of creating sustainable and self-sufficient homes. In other words, permaculture is a not just a simple set of teachings, and this concept contains an abundance of practical tips and guidelines. If we decide to follow some of those strategies, our lives will take a sharp turn for the better in no time.

– How Can Regenerative Leadership Institute Help Us?

The mission of the Regenerative Leadership Institute is to provide its students with a comprehensive guidebook on everything related to permaculture, and people who take one of their courses will soon realize that the Institute offers a life-changing experience. Of course, your motivation and personal needs will affect the outcome on a significant degree, but once you finish the seminar – you will be more than capable of leading a healthy style of life.


Furthermore, you will be familiar with a bunch of methods that can prove to be highly useful in areas such as agriculture, forestry, economics, and ecology. Permaculture is a universal collection of principles, and that is why you can apply it to various elements of the human existence. However, the most important elements of this movement are concerned with the so-called “green architecture”, efficient gardening methods, the use of renewable resources, and so on. The end-goal is to preserve the planet as much as possible, and that is why permaculture is vital for our long-term survival.

Sources Of Renewable Energy

Sources Of Renewable Energy

More than ninety percent of scientist are agreeing on the fact that people are the greatest threat to the climate change. The fuels that we are burning up into the air every day is causing very serious changes in the atmosphere. Those changes can be seen in the temperature changes and some extreme weather changes. The climate change is our main threat to our planet and the life on it.

renewable energy

As mentioned before we, people are the main cause of the climate change. We are not talking just about the large factories that are burning poisonous gas and realizing it into the air, but about all the smaller things too such as car gasses. These days everyone has a car, and in ninety percent of the time, the cars are not nature-friendly. Usually, all of them are releasing harmful gasses into the air. Some people are even afraid that we have passed the point of returning, that we have made some permanent damage to the atmosphere. Here are some of the renewable sources of energy that we should put more money into.

Solar Energy

The solar energy is harvested quite easily, we only need solar panels installed on rooftops. Solar panels can harvest the energy from the sun and turn it into heat energy that can be used to heat up water.

Also, they can turn the energy from the sun into electricity that can power homes.

Wind Energy

This is also a very good method of producing power and energy using just nature. More precisely using the power of the wind. Air is constantly moving around the surface of the earth.

Wind Energy

So why wouldn’t we use that and turned into real usable energy. There are special turbines that are designed to pick up the energy from the wind and convert it into usable energy.

Hydro Energy

This energy is gathered from the power of the water flow. The water that is flowing is diverted into turbines that are rotating and making electricity by a generator. These hydropower systems are nowadays used on big dams that hold a large amount of water.


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